Tuesday, January 24, 2012

College Boy Looking to Play - 22 - City Near You

Does anyone want to play with me? I can host or travel.   U be clean, in shape and DDF. Age and race are not that important.  Send stats and pic in first e-mail for a response. 

A week or so ago, my blogger friend in the MidWest had written a few blog entries (that I think he has since removed) about a perceived bias against gay Asian men.  He said there are people out there who have "no Asians" in their profiles.  T told me he has seen the same thing.  I have not seen it and as a gay man attracted to Asian men I can't imagine why anyone would want to rule out a whole group of people.

So between studying sessions, I set up an experiment.  On two separate days, at about 1:00 in the afternoon, I posted identical ads on Craigslist.  The only difference was the picture, which I found on www.guyswithiphones.com.  I found 2 naked guys (see above) who had about the same age, build, skin tone and ... er... endowment. (not blocked out in the actual post) I also intentionally picked photos that were on the grainy side.   I posted each listing for one hour only and then I took it down.  I did not respond to any of the e-mail I recieved.

(Morality note:  I did have a brief internal conflict about using nude pictures of people I don't know and including their faces.  I could not block out the face or no one would know the Asian guy was Asian.  In the end, I decided these guys posted their own nude pictures on the Internet where anyone could get to them so they were aware the images might get misappropriated.)

So, what did I learn?

The Asian "guy" got 10 responses.  Half were from older men (35 or older) with the oldest being 52.  The youngest was 19.  Three of the responders were black, one Hispanic and the rest white.  The 3 black guys were all younger.  Of the 10, only 3 sent photos as requested and only one of them was a face pic.  No one wrote very much in their replies, but the ones from younger guys seemed to suggest they wanted to play together as equals, while the replies from older guys suggested they wanted to dominate the Asian kid.  Most assumed the Asian was a bottom or submissive.

The white "guy", got 23 replies.  14 of the 23 send pictures and the ones who did, on average send 2 or 3 pictures.  Of the 14, 10 sent face pictures.  The age spread was 19 to 43 for the white kids.  All but 4 were under 30.  One of the older replies suggested  he would take a dominate role, the others were more contrite. "Would you let an 36 year old suck you off?" one guy asked.  Almost begging.  The younger replies for the white kid were more like the the ones for the Asian kid.  They had "Let's play together" feel.  The white kid got 3 replies from blacks, 2 from Hispanics and the rest were white.  No Asians responded to either ad.

Another thing I noticed, but am not sure if it is significant, no one replied to both ads.  The ads were probably up for too short a time to glean much info from that particular statistic.

I don't know if you can extrapolate that there is a racial bias against Asian men in the gay community or not, but there seems to be a correlation with perceptions both T and my Midwest blogger friend have felt.  If it is truly there, this would suggest it is limited to the older gays.


Jay said...

While browsing through profiles on Grindr and other similar apps, I noticed a racial bias towards asian men. Some were direct, "No asians, sorry", and some were indirect, "Only into whites, blacks, hispanics." Then there was a whole other group that were specifically into asians only.

RB said...

Great! A scientific study on the issue.

I hope you were doing this for a stats or sociology class.

JustAMike said...

Very interesting. I'm sorry Midwest took down his post. He made me think, think a lot. Hopefully he can repost because its an important issue to discuss. Thanks for bringing it back to the table. And thanks for this creative research!

Hetero-Challenged said...

There is a bias against Asian men. There have been plenty of articles about it and it continues to the current younger generation but less so (but that part doesn't matter because it still feels like being Asian is a negative) I wrote about the same thing on my blog.

MiddleMan said...

Everyone is entitled to a preference when it comes to dating and relationships, whether it is race, religion or political affiliation, but I wouldn't state my preferences as "No blacks, no republicans, no Scientologists (except for Tom Cruise)." That would just get so many people in an uproar btw, but there are some who would. To each his narrow-minded own. I don't mind if a person won't have sex with someone of another race, but I do mind the preconceived notions people have about others that causes them to dismiss an entire class of people. And they wonder why they're alone.

As for your "research," I am glad you mentioned the age differences and sexual expectations of the responders, which is still based on old media stereotypes that gay Asians are...well, you can fill in the blank. While many do fit the stereotype, there are some who do not which makes it a problem. You find someone who is interested in you only because he thought you would be like someone else. Then he says "You're not what I expected" or "I don't normally go for Asians, but you're different from the other guys I met." or "Really? You're a top?! That's a good one."

Since I posted, there has been a gradual decline in those negative posts, and I don't see any Grindr profiles that are racist. Oh, I blocked them all. They didn't deserve to take up my screen.

Anonymous said...

very interesting topic of conversation....but I also find bias from Asians against me because I'm not white...or see ads from Asian guys that want white only. it goes both ways