Saturday, July 4, 2015

Clearing Up The Conflict

In the end, I went to the dinner.   T was really into the celebration.  More so that I would have expected.  I took this picture of him popping out of the cake.  

I worked out a deal with my daughter.  I told her I would go to a friends birthday party, and I would take her and her brothers to a theme park on Sunday.   Seemed like a fair trade to her.  I got to go with a clear conscience.   While she did not say anything, I think K would have preferred that I went to help her with the kids.  I figured she's a big girl and can handle it.

If I had not gone, T would have told me the food was not that good, to spare my feelings, but as it turns out, the food really was not that good.  It was OK, but the place bills itself as a high class Asian restaurant , but it was not any better than the take out joint near my house.  Just more expensive.

The birthday boy reserved a room with a large "U" shaped table.  The people were kind of divided.  His family on one side and the gays on the other side.  I doubt it was planned that way, but that's how people sorted themselves out.

I sat next to a couple, I'll call them Mike and Robert.  They have been together 24 years and they just got their first dog.    Robert was going on and on about this snooty dog they got from a snooty breeder.  (All my dogs have been mutts rescued from the pound.)  Robert was talking about the dog with a not too bad looking Asian guy (T thinks he was Filipino) who also has a snooty breeder dog.    At first, T thought I should engage the Asian guy, since he knows I have a weakness for men of the Far East.  We did not have to hear him talk too long before I knew that we was not for me.  T knew too.  He was GAAAYYYY.  I mean gay like Jack from "Will & Grace".  There is nothing wrong with people like that, it's just not attractive to me.

Anyway, Mike was much more talkative with me.  He is also from the Northeastern Unites States and was transplanted to the south.  We talked about how after more than 10 years of living here, we could not handle the cold any more, so moving back was out of the question.

Mike asked me if T was my partner.  I told him we used to date, but now we were just friends.  I let him know the position was open and I was accepting applications if he knew anyone interested.  He told me I have to "put myself out there".    Yeah.... where have I heard that before?

Anyway, the dinner was nice and the company was good too.  T did not talk to me much during dinner.  He was not being rude.  In his mind he was giving be a chance to talk to the other people at the table.  I would have preferred there be no one else at the table and I could have spent the entire evening staring into T's eyes.  

Sorry, I lost track of myself for a minute.  

Anyway, that is the update and it all turned out right in the end.


T said...

Jim, Asians have slit eyes. It takes a while to be able to look into them.

jim said...

I have learned how to work around that problem.

Gaysian Guy said...

I was about to comment something else when I read the comment above and just could't stop laughing. I lost track too now as it seems.

Anonymous said...

Is that picture for real? T is fucking hot (Asian guy here) lol