Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dad, I Know Where You Are.

I have not had the chance to write much lately, but it's because I have not had stuff to write about.  I have note pad with a bunch of things over the past few weeks that have happened that I really want to get out, but I just have not had the time to sit down and write.    Today, I am attempting to work on the backlog.  


I was hanging out at K's house, sitting at the kitchen table with her, AJ, and my oldest son.  AJ had just come back from a college visit trip with his daughter and he was preparing another trip to the same state.  

Oldest Son: You are going back to Florida?  What for?  You were just there?

AJ: Are you keeping track of where I go?

Oldest Son: Well, I was just asking.  I wanted to know where you are going.

Me:  Hey!  Wait a minute.  Why don't you ever ask me where I am going?

Oldest Son: (looking at me like I am crazy.)  Dad, I know where you are.  You are either home, at T's, at work or here.

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