Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Like Going Out

I imaging that T and I look like this when we go out.  We have never been out together in tuxedos, but I'm sure we would look great!!  Well...T would anyway.

T asked me to come over to his house this week.  He needed me to help with some stuff at his house.  When that was done he need to run a few errands.  Of course I was happy to take him where ever he wanted to go.

We hit several stores, but the one we spent the most time in was the pet store.  He wanted to get some new koi for his pond.  I as he was picking out his fish we looked together.  When the store person came to actually get them out of the tank, I alternated between poking around at things in the store and see how T was getting along.

We got the fish and headed back to his house.  After putting the fish his pond, I had to head home.   On the way home I am reminded in how I delight in going out and doing things with him.  Anything.  No matter how mundane, as long as we are doing it together.

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