Friday, January 10, 2014

Starting The New Year

The new year is here.  It's really here, like we are 10 days into it already and I am still a little in shock that it's 2014.  

2013 was, on balance not a great year for me.  Professionally it was pretty good.  I didn't get any more money but I am a lot more secure in my position and in my company than I was.  My British overlords like me and even from 3500 miles away they are able to see the value that I am adding to the business.

Personally it has been more of a mixed bag.  I have further advanced my relationship with my children, and I am pretty happy about that.  I have not made ANY progress in making any gay friends.  And we all know about the demise of my relationship with T.  

All in all I am petty happy to see 2013 go and I am hoping for a better 2014.

One thing that is better, K is finally done with nursing school.   She is now K, RN.  This will free up will of her time which in turn will free up more of my time.  Ironically, this week I have actually spent more time with her than ever.  She has been home every night and since I have nothing else to do, I have been coming over there because this is where my kids are.

T and I are still in contact.  (Yes, I know what you are going to say...)  We talk sometimes.  Usually about the events of the day.  It's nice to talk to him, but sometimes it's still hard.  I have not completely moved on in my mind. I still wish for things.  I think he has though.  I think he accepts that things between us will never be, so he has moved on.

He is not seeing anyone, but he is encouraging me to.

This week I put a profile out on  I wrote it, but I think I make myself sound more like a puppy.  (I say a bunch of times how loyal I am.  ;-) )

People must not like.  I have been looked over by about 40 people in the last 4 days and no one has written to me or taken any sort of interent.  Is "looked over" the right word?  Maybe "picked over" is better.  Ugh ...

To be fair, I am being kind of half hearted about the whole thing.  I am only partly interested.  I even have a hard time remember to go and look at the email to see if anyone wrote or even looked at me.  I have not taken the time to write to anyone.

T thinks I need to lose weight and that will help.  He's right about that too.  I have put on more than an couple pounds since Thanksgiving and I need to get that undercntrol.  

This weekend I have the kids all weekend.  K is working over nights, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  AJ left this morning on a business trip to Mexico so he will be no help.  I will have a lot of time on my hands this weekend.    I'll have time to look over my profile, revise it, and make it better.  I may even write to a few people and see if I get any traction that way.

Or maybe I will just take a nap.


RB said...

Thanks for the update.

The bad news: For gay guys over 40 you need to be able to handle a lot of rejection. Being "picked over" by 50 guys is the norm for almost everyone. In the face of this, it's hard not to give up.

The good news: You only need one guy.

Sunne said...

It's good to hear that you are still around. Hugs and all wishes for a better 2014.

Biki Honko said...

Stay strong, keep your eyes up into the starry heavens. Life will get easier/better, honestly it will.