Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Coming Out?

Today, after work, I am going to Atlanta to visit my oldest friend.  I don't mean he is old, he's actually a year younger than I am, but I have known him and bed his friends sense second grade.  He is my oldest friend.

After high school, my friend, let's call him Steve, joined the Navy.  I went to college.  His Navy career took him all over and for long periods of time, I lost touch with him.  A few years ago I found out he was living in Atlanta with his wife and kids.  We got together at his house when he retired from the Navy (yes, retired which means we are both old).

So about a month ago, we picked a date and I am going to travel to his house and visit him for the weekend.  Now, here we are.  

I have 2 objectives really.  The first is to either tell him I am gay or confirm to him that I am gay.  He might already know.  If he looked up my dad's obit, then he already knows and I just need to talk to him about it.  Make sure he is OK and see if he has any questions.  I'd also like to tell him about T, if he's up to it.

Even though I has every expectation his reaction will be positive, I am still nervous.  

My second objective of the trip is to re-connect with my old friend.  We were really close at kids and I really have missed him over the years.  I plan to drink some beers, smoke some cigars and have a good weekend.  

I'll let you know how it goes.  

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Nick, Fort Wayne said...

Funny, but I have the exact same weekend lined up myself, an old friend (I've know 25 years) is coming to town and while I'm out to him, i've never seen him since coming out & had one brief conversation. So there is going to be the apprehension of how he is dealing with it & what does he want to know (or not). I'm fine about it, as he asked to come & stay for the weekend with me & secondly, I tell every friend that I come out to "you can ask me anything you want - just make sure you really want to know the honest answer first"...Haha - it helps !!

I hope your enjoying the "break", I'll have a beer toast for you.

Nick, Fort Wayne IN