Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home But Not Alone, Not Tonight Anyway.

Time is at a premium for me these days.  Having just come back from vacation, then having my middle son in the hospital for 2 days (He's fully recovered.) and then finding out about a re-org at work has been pretty stressful.  I have found out my boss's contract was not renewed.  I got along really well with him.  He was the kind of boss that tells you the goals you have to achieve and then goes away until you tell him you're done.  My new boss has a reputation as a micro-manager, but since he is based 4000 miles and 5 time zones away, I am hoping micro-managing will be difficult for him and he will just give up.  I am not a task monkey.  I am a highly, skilled professional with almost 20 years of experience in my field.  They are paying me a lot of that experience too.  If he will leave me alone, he will get the results the company wants.

But tonight I am not worried about that.  Tonight T is coming to my house.  He will come right after work, we will have dinner at my house (Yikes, what will I make???) and then he will stay the night.  

He does not come nearly enough, but I live for these all night visits.  I love having him sleeping beside me (even though for a small guy he snores like a buzz saw).  Just having him there will me makes me so happy.  We don't even have to have sex.  I mean sex is nice, but if I had to choose between having a few hours of sex and then going home, or spending all night cuddled next to him, I would take the cuddling any day of the week.

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Victor said...

I would take the all night cuddling too.

I'm glad your son is recovered, I do hope everything is ok.

Good luck on the work front. Sucks to lose a boss you were so compatible with.

Wishing you a long and wonderful night with T.