Friday, October 5, 2012


Someone predicted this would happen.  I didn't.  T didn't either.  But it happened.

I am not going to get into all the details now.  I may explain more about how this happened later, but for now let me say this:

T and I had been broken up for 4 weeks.  We continued to talk and text most every day.  We talked often about how much we love each other.  We talked about how happy we made each other.  And invariably, we would talk about the problem.  T's family does not accept me as his boyfriend, nor do that accept our relationship.  

Yesterday was my birthday and he invited me out to lunch to celebrate.  There was an unnatural awkwardness about our meeting.  It was if we were both trying to figure out how to act in this "new normal"    I was going to meet someone new the next day and while I know T was not happy about it, he encouraged me to go.  

"No matter how much we love each other it will always come back to this point." he told me today.  When I looked at him, he told me, "It's over."

After lunch we talked for a while in the parking lot in his car.  He was clearly upset.  He wanted to hold me one more time before I was gone.  I told him I didn't want to go and if he loved me as much as he says he does, I did not understand how he could let me go.  

That upset him worse.  "I don't want to let you go." he sobbed.  I was angry.

We talked more.

Then we went back to my house.  By the time we got there.  He had changed his mind.  He would work to be with me.  He would push harder for his family to accept us.  He would make a better effort to be with me more, even if his parents did not fully approve.

And most importantly, to me anyway, is he agreed to tell his parents he loves me.  He agreed to tell them what makes him happy.  He agreed to tell them that I make him happy and he wants to be with me.

I have no doubt he will do these things.  He promised he would and he will be true to his word.

We will have a life together.  It will not be tomorrow.  It will not be this year, but it will happen.  We may face some push back from this family, but I will be there, at his side the whole time.  We will face it together.  There is light at the end of my previously dark tunnel.

Right now I am happy beyond words.  T is too. 

The man of my dreams I going to make my dreams come true.


Sunne said...

I'm sooo glad to read this!!!

You guys always sounded so much in love with each other and so perfect for each other - I'm glad to read that you both want to make the effort to keep this precious thing between you alive.

Jim - Happy Birthday, I think you got your best present ever ;)

T - We might be just virtual encouragement - but we stand behind you.

Buddy Bear said...

I think T is showing a great deal of courage... as are you. Good luck to you both.


Lucas said...

I guess the old saying must be right then... "if things are not right, then its not the end of the road yet"

gratz J, I think we're all happy for you!

TwoLives said...

This is terrific news and it's proof that you two are meant to be together.

I'm sure T is very nervous about how his parents will react. I expect they're very "old school" and probably just as stubborn as he is. The thing I've noticed, from reading all these blogs, is that disaster seldom strikes, especially when we most expect it.

Yes, his parents might be disappointed and yes they might lay a guilt trip on him, but once they have some time to process what he says, they'll realize that he is still their son and they love him. Every parent wants their child to be happy. That's all they want for him. When he stands his ground and proudly declares his love for you, they'll see how he feels and they'll know they can't deny him happiness.

It's great to see that you two are going to have a happy ending after all!!

tuls said...


the happiness is spread across the world! :)