Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goofy T

If any of you have ever read T's blog, you will know that sometimes he has an... um.... imaginative sense of humor.  Since he was not raised here in the US, sometimes I do not get his humor right away, but eventually I come around.

I know T thinks he is quite funny, but others do too.  When he is with other Vietnamese people I don't know what they are saying, but everyone laughs when he tells his jokes.   

People like being around him. I don't think it's just because he can be silly.  He is genuine and warm.  I think people can tell that.  He means well no matter what he s doing.  Even when we was turning me gay, his heart was in the right place.

Next week I am going on vacation with the kids.  K and AJ will be with us part of the time, but half the time it will be me and the kids.  I really want T to come with me.  I know it is not realistic for him to be away from his business for the nearly 2 weeks we will be gone, but it would be soooo nice.  

Of course I want him to be with me just because I want him to be with me.  I always want that.  For this trip there is more.  For this trip, we are visiting family.  We are going to see my mom, my sister and her family.  We will be seeing K's parents, her sister and her family.  The kids will get to play with all the cousins.  K's family will get to know AJ as part of her family.  

Most of my family has only met T very briefly.  Over dinner.  Or at K's wedding.  My mom and sister know more about T from this blog than any personal interactions they have had with him.  It would have been nice for my family (including K's family who I still consider "my in-laws") to get to know T.  To discover his silly side.   To laugh at his jokes and build a memory picture of him through actual experiences.

I know this year it is simply not in the cards.  

I am hopeful for next year.

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Biki Honko said...

Maybe next year T could fly out for a few days worth of the vacation? Maybe fly out towards the end of the trip and then fly home with you and the kiddos? Surely there is a way for him to arrange a few days off, so some gentle nudging might work, just do it sweetly.