Friday, February 1, 2013

Perfect Place for a Gay Dad

 If you girl and you find yourself with a gay dad, there should be some definite advantages, right? 

At this point in the post I was going to do into a laundry list of stereotypes that should make it easier for a gay man to relate to his daughter.  But after i wrote a bunch of them out, I realized that I don't fit most of them, a neither do the few gay people I know.  

This past week was the annual Father / Daughter dance.  It was the third one I have attended with my daughter.  She looks forward to this every year and honestly I have a lot of fun with it too.

For a gay guy I am not much of a dancer.  Actually, I am not much of a dancer compared to any guy, but my daughter did not care.  She was happy I was there with her and I was glad to be there.

It did not take much time for her to ditch me and head into the crowd of screaming girls (ages 6 to 9).  She would resurface a short time later, take my hand and lead me to the snack table where she obtained a slice of cake and a glass of punch.  She had one bite of the cake and 2 swallows of punch before she handed them to me, "Can you hold this?" she asked before she vanished again into the crowd to dance "Gangham Style"

Before the end of the night, (which for this dance was 8PM) she did ask me to dance with her, we got our picture taken and went to inspect a large water fountain in courtyard.  

It was a nice time with my special little girl.