Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gay Life Is Pretty Normal

 I read some blogs where the guys who write them hook up often.  When they are not hooking up, they are looking for a hook up.  While I have to admit, this sounds kind of exciting.  There is a aspect of freedom in going out an fucking anyone who is around that is appealing.  The thing is... I don't really want freedom.  

What I want is decidedly more boring.

This past week was a nightmare at work.  To make it even worse, AJ was traveling on business so K need me to help her with the kid more often.  She is in school and Tuesday and Wednesday this week she needed me at her house by 5:30 am, so she could go to school.  I needed to get the kids off to school and then I could go home to work?  I was exhausted.  Wednesday was particularly bad day at work.  So bad, in fact, I needed to bring a pile of work home.  

T was supposed to come and stay the night.   I really needed to see him, but I simply had to have this work done before my bosses in London got in the office the next morning.  I let him know a lot to do and I would not be able to pay as much attention to him as usual.  He chose to come anyway, which made me very happy.

When he arrived, I decided I needed to get out of the house, so we went out to eat at a really good fish place in town.  They have a really nice lobster bisque T really likes.  After a nice dinner we went back to my house.

The room that used to be my daughter's bedroom is now an office and testing lab for me.  There is a long table there where I work most days.  We each had a computer and I set them up side by at the table.  I worked on my stuff and he worked on his.

T is thinking about buying and renovating a property to expand his business.  He wanted to sketch out some plans for the building.  As someone who is intentionally computer illiterate he had not used Google Earth before.  So I showed him and he got a great satellite view of the building he wants to buy with the surrounding property.  I showed him how to use it to take measurements.  We counted parking spaces, and did a rough estimate of the property boundaries.

At the same time, I was working on my work.  I had to pull some data for a report,  write several emails, and do some troubleshooting with some hardware that was acting strangely.  

I took time to help him when he needed it.  He took an interest in what I was doing.  He explained his plan and asked my opinion on several things.  We looked up zoning regulations and figured how many parking spaces he needed with the extra square footage he was going to add.  

I know this all sounds terribly boring, but the truth is, I was happy at that moment.  When I envision my life with T, it's things like this I think about.  Things like this I want.  Being together in an office in our home, even if we are working separately, we are still together.

My work took longer than it would have if I was there alone, but I didn't care.  We were together.

When we finished, we walked across the hall, climbed into bed, snuggled into each others arms and drifted off to sleep.  

I slept better that night than I had in a long time.


Kayson said...

i really enjoyed this post. and while i often write about the exciting sex and drama.. it's only cause i post the mundane on another blog, so maybe that's a factor? ;P

BadgerBear said...

Too bad your post didn't say "NSFW" in the title ... I could have used some warning as I read you at work.

JF said...

Hi I just found your blog and I have to say that I like what I read so far :)

Java said...

How nice that T came over, and that you two had a good time working side by side. Yeah, companionship is a wonderful thing.