Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maybe A Vacation This Summer?

Things in T's business are shaping up so that he might be able to take a vacation this year.  Not a long one, like for a week, but a short one.  Maybe just a long weekend.

When we can take a whole week, I would like to take him to my mom's camp in the woods of Maine.  I have written about it a few times in the past.  It is in the middle of nowhere and one of my favorite places in the world.  I would just be so wonderful to share that place with him.

As a place I used to go as a child, and where a lot of my family still live, this would be a chance for me to connect him to my family on a deeper level.  When I say family, I mean my family pre-K.  The people and places that are connected to the family when I was growing up.

Plus it's peaceful there.  There are not a lot of people, though more than when I would go there as a kid.    There is a good sized lake.  It is too shallow for motor boats, so it's very quiet, except for the occasional loon.  A kayak or canoe is just the thing to get around with.  At night, I sometimes will take the canoe out to the middle of the lake.  It is so dark at night, you can see so many stars it's just amazing.  To make it even better, the week in August I like to go is about the time of the annual Perseid meteor shower.  Always a stunning show. 

There is a fire pit that my father and I built.  We use the fire to cook the evening meal and then,  we sit around it.  The kids run around in the dark with their flashlights, and the adults relax by the fire.    My mom, my dad, when he was alive, my sister and her husband, and even me and K in years past.  Now there is T. This time it will be him at my side.  Holding my hand as we gaze into the fire.  

I very much want  to share these experience with him.  I want for us to have them together.  Something that we will always be able to hang on to.

Something else that will connect us together.

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RB said...

T needs to take a break to smell the roses.