Monday, January 14, 2013

Asian Inferiority Complex

I am a person who does not really like the term "race".  I suppose, technically,  I am in an interracial relationship, but I don't think about it that way.  When I think about the main differences between T and I, they are really more about difference in background, experiences and culture.  (I guess that's race??)  But it's not so much about the way we look, but what we have experienced.

Of course I love the way he looks.  I love his smaller frame (compared to me), his round face, and his thick jet black hair.  I love the shape of his eyes, and don't get me started on shape of his ass...   Yes, I think Asian men in general are attractive and of course T in particular.  I guess at this point, I am so used to it, it does not really occur to me any more.  He is not my Asian partner.  He is just my partner.

As much as I bitch about how I want some things to be different, I really like that he and I come from different backgrounds.  I like that, even after almost 5 years, there is still a lot of us to discover about each other.  I like that when I eat dinner at his house, there is often something new to try.  Even if it is something I have had before, it's something I only get at his house.  That makes it special and I like that.

I have heard about something called the "Asian Inferiority Complex".  There are a could of blogs I follow written by Asian guys and they have talked about it as well.  But I am not sure it actually exists.  If there is such an affliction, T does not have it.  He knows how great he is.  He is not arrogant, or stuck up.    He has a quiet confidence that I honestly find irresistible.  

While I joke with him sometimes that he is lucky to have a white boyfriend like me.  But we both know the truth is the other way around.  I am lucky he fell in love with me.  


Java said...

Yeah, those differences you describe are cultural, not racial. The physical features are about the race. I agree with you, race really doesn't matter. Cultural differences can be difficult to overcome sometimes. I'm glad you and T get on so well together.

Hetero-Challenged said...

The "Asian Inferiority Complex" is more cultural, I doubt most Asians from Asia have that. I think it's more a symptom of Asians living in White-Dominated, Western Nations...and their lack of "strong" "masculine" accurate representations of "cool" Asian men in the media.