Sunday, January 13, 2013

T's Most Annoying Habit

When T and I get together we rarely have a plan in advance. Usually we know if we are going out for dinner, or eating at his house, but beyond that, it's pretty up in the air.

This is where the problem starts.

I will pick him up at his office and then ask him where he wants to go for dinner.  I figure he's had a hard day and we can go somewhere he likes.  His answer is always the same.

"What ever you like." he says.  

"Well, OK.  What are you in the mood for?" I ask, probing for information.

"Anything." is always the reply.

And it goes the same way every time.  He leaves it to me to pick providing me with almost no guidance about what he would like.  And then if that's not bad enough, once we settle on a spot, he usually jumps in front of me to pay the bill.  

Can you believe that?   He let's me go anywhere I want AND then insists on paying for it.  

It's so annoying.


Buddy Bear said...

Boo-hoo! Cry me a river .... lol

T said...

I am a very decisive person. And I have decided to let you choose every time we go out. Stop trying to change it.'s because I love you.

I let you choose the restaurants, and you complain. But when I choose for you to help me with the yard work, to build the koi pond, you also complain. So difficult to understand.

Java said...

Sweet :)

savante said...

Awww... that's sweet. Let him indulge you for a while.

Jerry said...

Typical asian deference to you as the guest of honor. Accept him for who he is instead of trying to always change him.

BlkJack said...

You can always arrange to pay if you really wanted to. Knowing he's going to do it, all you have to do is excuse yourself saying you have to go to the bathroom and inform the server of your plan to pay. Seems simple to me.