Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Too Gay For Me

I was at T's house the other night. We were laying on his bed after dinner.  He was propped up with pillows behind his back and I was laying on his chest.  The TV was on, but I think we were both in that foggy in-between-wake-and-sleep state.

At the top of the hour and episode of House Hunters came on.  (Click here if you are unfamiliar with the show.)  In most of the episodes the house hunter is a married couple.  Occasionally a single person and once in a while, a gay couple.  Last night it was a 2 guys moving from New York City to Los Angeles.  This caught our interest for 2 reasons.  First it featured a gay couple and I always like that.  Secondly, T went to high school and did his college undergrad in the Los Angeles area so he is familiar with the places they were talking about.

It not take me too long to see that one of these guys was a lot like "Jack" from Will and Grace.  There is nothing wrong with guys like that, but it is not attractive to me.  I am attracted to more masculine men.  T's also has a preference for more masculine men.  At one point in the show we both looked at each other and said the same thing at the same time.   We had been thinking the same thing.  

I am not going to share exactly what that was, but what is important is we formed one of those connection points I have talked about before.  The more connection points you have, the stronger the relationship. 


Java said...

Nice! That's one of the great thing about long term relationships. Congrats. :)

savante said...

Soon you'll be able to finish each other's sentences! :)

jim said...

Once day, I hope. I will have to be more diligent at learning Vietnamese for that.