Saturday, March 9, 2013

Amazing Together

Wednesday is my day to have T all to myself.  Well, we both work so I get in all my myself for the night.  Well, except for this week.  This week K got called into work and AJ was working late so I had to be with my kids longer than usual or Wednesday.  

Sometimes I don't even see them at all on Wednesdays.  Often I go home after work and wait for T to come.  This week I had to get out of work early and to bring my oldest son to the dentist. so after I hung out at K's waiting for AJ to get back so I could leave.

T knew my schedule was messed up for the day.  He could have given me the chance to back out of our date night.  He would have understood if I needed to spend the time with the kids.  He would reluctantly offer to cancel our date.  But he didn't

"Do the kids want to have dinner with us?" he asked me.

I was sure that that would but I asked them anyway.  The younger one quickly accepted the offer.  My middle son was all over it too.  They like T a lot.  Even the old boy, who was a little uncertain about being seen out with his dad and his dad's partner, agreed to go as soon as he approved the food choice. 

We had a nice dinner and once we got back, AJ was back.  I was able to leave the kids in his capable hands (after I tucked in the younger 2).

T and I went back to my house and had the rest of the night to ourselves.  We got naked, climbed under the covers and ....  watched "The Amazing Race" episodes I have been recording each week on the DVR.  T and I watch them together and it really makes me happy.

While holding him in bed is the most wonderful thing, it was really amazing to have my kids and my partner together, in public for a meal.  Of course it was not the first time we did that and yet  each time it's just wonderful.