Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Putting Me To Work

T is going a lot of work outside his house.  You can see some of it in this picture.  While he designed what he wants it to look like, he does not do the work himself, he has guys that do it for him.  There is some things that he does himself, among them is assembling patio furniture.

He asked me to come and help him.  Not because he could not do it himself.  He just wanted to have an excuse to have me come down and to put me to work. 

He actually bought 2 sets.  One of them was not made correctly so after a few hours of trying to put it together we gave up.  He will have to call the place he bought it from and either have them put it together or get new ones.

The other one when together much more easily.

When it was done, we had a nice dinner together of noodles, beef, and veggies.  I could not stay too late because I had to get back to the kids.  But it was a nice afternoon with my love.  The only thing that would have made it better is if we had gone to our room after dinner to make love before drifting off to sleep.

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the island guy said...

Love your blog. I feel like I'm right there with you when I read your posts.