Saturday, March 16, 2013

Want to Meet Me For Diner Tonight?

It does not happen often, but once in a while I get surprised.  T is very predictable.  (No, honey, I am not saying you are boring.)  He works a lot, his work happens on a schedule, so his discretionary time is predictable.  It actually makes it easier for us to get together since my kid-driven schedule is kind of crazy.

On Thursday I was with my kids, and I promised the younger two, they could stay at my house on Friday night.  T and I rarely see each other on Fridays, and since K and AJ like to go out, it makes it good for everyone if I take the younger kids to my house.   

On Friday morning, I got a text from T.  "Want to meet me for diner tonight?"  Just getting a text from T at all during the work day is unusual, but getting invited to dinner with short notice, is almost unheard of.

Of course I told him I wanted to go, but I would have to see if I was OK with the kids.  Since I had promised them, I didn't just want to ditch them.  

"Where do they want to go?" came the next question.  So not only was T inviting me out, he want the kids to come too.  (How can you not love this man??)

After work, I headed to K's house, packed up the kids and headed to a restaurant about half between my house and his office.  

It was not a romantic dinner, but it was another night, that I thought would never happen.  It was extraordinary, in its ordinariness.  It was just a man and his partner and his kids our for dinner.

What's so strange about that?   


Java said...

What a lovely evening out! It's great that T wanted to have the kids along. Did the kids also enjoy it?

jim said...

Yes, they did. T is really good to my kids and they like him.