Friday, December 9, 2011

I Still Can't Believe I Did That!!! I Still Can't Believe I Waited So Long!!!

I was online today and, among other things, I was browsing around on Facebook.  I got an unexpected message from a old friend from high school.  Actually it was the wife of an old friend from high school, but I became close to her too.  Twenty years ago they moved away to another state.  I have see them once or twice in all that time.  I have gotten only a couple of phone calls and other than that, we keep caught up via Facebook updates.

The are aware that K and I got divorced and they are aware that I lost my job, but they do not know I am gay.  That is until today.

I told her that I am gay.  I told her that's why K and I got divorced and why I am not upset that she is getting re-married tomorrow.  After I typed that into the chat window, I waited a long time.  I did not know what she would say.  I know she is pretty religious.  

"That must have been hard all those years pretending to be something that you were not. Are you happier now that you are not pretending anymore?"

I could just feel the relief washing over me.  

We chatted several more minutes, but at the end, she was supportive and I was happy.  

Thank God for friends who stay through the years and the miles.


JustAMike said...

Yes, a good friend only cares for your well-being and happiness. Not your sexuality. Good for her!

I hope K's wedding went well.

Buddy Bear said...