Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wedding Present

I am visiting T this afternoon, and as we were talking he brought up the idea of getting a wedding present for K and AJ.  I had not really thought about it much.

I don't usually use the blog to ask for advice, but in this case I will make an exception.

Should we get K and AJ a present?

What should we get for them?  It's not like they really need anything, but what would be nice?


Not Alone said...

Yes, get them something. I would get them something crystal.

Or you could be devilish and get them a good set of sheets.


TwoLives said...

Absolutely you should get them something. You want K to be happy!

How about something they can do as a couple? Maybe dinner in a really nice restaurant, an overnight stay in a hotel or some kind of activity (kayaking, hot air balloon, etc.)

AWILTAGM said...

100% buy them something. you can not go to a wedding without a present, the fact that she is your ex and it wasn;t her fault you divorced. It is absolutely a mist you buy something. Something not too expensive, but something that she would appreciate that says you care.

You should know her pretty well, to figure out what would have meaning to her. A nicely framed picture of your kids? What has meaning to her?

Buddy Bear said...

Since they've purchased a new house, maybe you can buy them a tree to plant in the yard. Pick a long-lived, noble tree such as an oak which will live for a very long time.

They could plant it to symbolize their marriage and watch it grow for decades to come.

AWILTAGM said...

Totally think that buddy bears Idea is fantastic. Well thought of, and I personlly would love that too.

Paul said...

How about getting them something typical from T's native/ancestral country? It would be a neat gift from both of you.

Buddy Bear said...

Thanks, AWILTAGM! I suggested it because my wife and I planted a tree when we got married 21 years ago and for the births of each of the kids. The trees all look fantastic now and will be still there for others to enjoy after we sell the house.

I'm buying my wife one of her favourite fruit trees as a house-warming present for her new home. It will have to wait until April as winter has arrived here.