Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have guy coming to my house this afternoon who I met on Craigslist.  No, I am not looking for a hook-up while T is at work.  I am looking for a roommate who will help me pay for my house.

I am not thrilled about it, frankly.

Three months ago, I had worked out a plan with K so that when she moved out with the kids, I would have enough money to keep the house on my own.  There would also be enough to cover a good child support payment and even a little saving to put in the bank.  When I lost my job, back in September, more than 2 months ago, and just 2 weeks after K moved out, everything changed.

I had hoped I would get a job quickly, before the severance I got ran out.  No such luck.  I had several interviews, but no offers.  I worked in a fairly specialized role, which is making is more difficult for me.

Now I am on the path of school.  As of yesterday morning, I have all the classes that I need for the spring semester.  I still need to work this into an "approved" plan with the underemployment people so I can keep getting that help and they won't make me look for jobs at the same time.

So now I have to get a roommate to save my house.  I wonder if it will be someone I will like.  I guess I don't really care, since I am gone all the time.  I don't need to be friends with a roommate, but it would be nice to be friendly anyway.


UPDATE:  The guy called and canceled.  I guess I should be glad he called.


Paul said...

Good luck on the roommate. Maybe a woman would be a better fit - but it might be a little difficult to explain to the kids.

Buddy Bear said...

"Cash flow" problems indeed! I too might have to get some roommates to make ends meet after I move into my new house.

I'd prefer to get some gay frat boys from our local university as borders. They would be great eye candy and maybe there would be the possibility of some sexual favours.