Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mundane Crisis

I got a comment on my last posing.

"This blog is degenerating into the mundane. Perhaps the crisis in your life has passed".

While I take some issue with the word, "degenerating" I think Mr. Anonymous is correct in assessing the crisis in my life is over.  Or at least the worst of it.  I don't, however, think that my story is over.

When I read that comment, it actually played into a thought I had before.  Now that K and I have resolved our situation, is there really anything else to write about?  Now that T and I are secure in our relationship, is there anything left to talk about?  

After thinking on it for a while today, I think that do have more to say.  Even though that I am moving into a new chapter in my life, I think there is more.  I still need a place to write down and share my thoughts. 

On Monday, K and I will no longer be married.  On December 10, K and AJ will get married.  T and I are going to the wedding with my kids.  That is enough stuff to write about for the next month.  After that, I am still a gay dad that is getting find my place in the gay world, and the rest of the world.  

That is the next chapter in my life.  That will be the next chapter in my blogging.  I need to write about it.  I need to talk about it.  I have always said that I write only for myself anyway.  I do it so I can sort out my thoughts and explore my feelings.  If people actually ready what I write, that's great.  I know that I have helped some people by telling my story.  If I am able to continue to help, so much the better.

I will continue.


T said...


1. I have told you so many times not to post your real picture on the blog, and you never listen to me.

2. I will wear a fuchia (is this how you spell it?) shirt to the wedding, and this will be enough drama for you.

3. I will talk like Gay Confucius at the wedding, and that would be more drama for you.

4. Why do you have to justify why you write anyway? Do you want me to tie you up and whip you?

5. Tonight?


Buddy Bear said...

I'm so glad that you will continue blog writing. I am following your progress with keen interest.

My journey is lagging behind yours just a bit. My wife is moving into her new home in one week, we will have our banking separated by then ... All I need to do is to finalize our divorce (this will take a bit of time) and find myself a "T."

By the way, don't worry about that bitter old fart's comment ... "mundane", indeed. Far from it!! It was probably "Richard", who posted on just that topic two days ago. Richard specializes in making negative comments on other gay guys' blogs, causing them to get their panties in a bunch.

cum.lover said...


I very much enjoy reading your blog, & I'm so glad that you're planning to continue it. I'll be looking forward to that.

I'm saluting you for the great job that you're doing in sorting things out in your life & times.

Amen to Buddy Bear's remarks re "bitter old fart", whose "mundane" comment I thought puzzling & sort of tacky.

What will you be wearing to the wedding? Incidentally, please tell T (he was wondering how the color of his tie is spelled) that it's spelled "fuchsia" (I've always that it exciting & arousing that, if the 4th letter were "k", not "h", it would be pronounced "fuck-see-uh" as in "copulate"...WOW!).

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I usually start with your blog when I have a few minutes. Your writing style is as important as the content.

And I would argue that we all have interesting lives -- but some people have lost the sense of how special they are.


savon said...

I have always enjoyed you blog. I may not comment but I read often. Please keep writing.

I am often struck by the simple dignity and kindness you've displayed thoughout what must have been a simply dreadful time for you and your family. You managed with grace.

I always love your stories about T and his wonderful comments on your posts. He is definately a keeper:-)

So many of these married guy blogs are endless strings of complaints about wives and diaries of betrayal that it is simply wonderful to read a story told with such unadorned decency.

Thank you

JustAMike said...

Keep on writing! Life isn't always about drama but that doesn't mean that it's not interesting. All aspects of our journeys are worth writing about.

I actually like being boring so I wouldn't take it as a criticism.

I love T's comments above.

I am in awe that you will go to K's wedding. I think that is spectacular. My ex one time told me she'd like to go to my next wedding (should that ever happen). I was both pleased and perplexed by that suggestion. It seems to be a hard topic for most people to comrehend but I like it. It shows good modelling for the kids. I look forward to reading your accounts of this.



Biki said...

Keep writing please. Your voice is authentic and full of grace and love and kindess you hold for your family, and really people in general.