Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Memories Bring You Home

Sometimes you find old memories of home in the most unlikely places.

Tonight I went to T's house for dinner and to hang out with him.  (I am writing this while sitting on his bed.  No, we are not naked).  I arrived, as I often do, just at the start of dinner.  I sat down and T showed me how to assemble the meal.  It started with a slice of bread, then some fish sauce and sautéd scallion in oil.  The on the top was ground pork cooked with onion and what I think was some rice.  It all came together in an open faced sandwich.

I was very good, but there was something about the pork that was familiar.

One of the reasons I like eating at T's house is that everything is new and different to me.  It is an adventure of new tastes.  I also like that T is there to show me the right way to eat everything. I think it is cute that his parents worry that I will be able to eat their food.

But today was a little different.  Even through the fish sauce, I could taste to pork and it reminded me of home.  The pork mixture was very similar to the filling of a pork pie that my grandmother, and my mother used to make.  I am comfortable eating with T's family, but today it was even more.

I thought how flavors and food really have a strong pull on my memory.  Tonight, even though his house is not my home, I felt at home.


Biki said...

I think its interesting how food can comfort and relax us. You are comfortable with T and his family, but having the pork taste like something from your childhood, made it even better.

cum.lover said...

I hope that the divorce proceedings are going well?

Where are you & T able to have privacy with each other? in his office, after office hours?

Anonymous said...

This blog is degenerating into the mundane. Perhaps the crisis in your life has passed.

T said...

If it's mundane, then stop reading it. It's that simple. If you need drama around you, start first with reviewing your life.