Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Bother To Get Dressed

I actually like being naked.  I tend to sleep with as little clothing as possible.  Not for any sexual reason.  I tend to roll around a lot in my sleep and I just don't like the way pajamas will twist and bind under the covers.  Frankly, I don't know how anyone can sleep with all that clothing on.

The most I ever wear to bed is underwear (I prefer mid length boxer briefs, if you MUST know).  Generally a nylon/spandex blend.  I don't like cotton.  They twist and bind like pajamas would.  While I prefer to sleep nude, I got in the habit of the skivies because for years you never know when the late night sound of little kid vomit would make you have to spring into action.  There is never time to get dressed at a time like that.

Now that I am living alone, I am back to sleeping in the nude.  Again, not for a sexual reason, I just like it better.

But there is something else I have noticed.  Sometimes I don't get dressed right away.  The laundry room is downstairs and I am not always the best about bring the clean clothes up to the bedroom.  After a shower, I sometimes go downstairs sans towel and pick through the laundry bucket for the clothes of the day.

As the days have gone on, I find that I have been delaying getting dressed longer and longer.  

Just today for example.  Before my shower I decided that I wanted some coffee.  I didn't see the need to get all dressed, I just went down stairs and started to make the coffee.  While it was brewing, put away the dishes that ran in the dishwasher last night.  When the coffee was ready, I sat down at the kitchen table to write this blog entry about being naked, well, naked.

It's a good thing I live alone, because I do NOT look like the guy in the picture and no one else would want to see it.

I guess it's one of those things that change when you live alone.

If you are living alone, do you take the time to dress right away after you get out of bed or the shower, or do you spend some time each day walking around the house in your birthday suit?


Anonymous said...

I let it all hang out when I am in bed alone - which is always - unless it gets cold. Around the house after working up a sweat I peel all the clothes off and throw them in the washer, take a shower, and cool off without clothes. I don't look like the photo either.
Brother Bear

Not Alone said...


I love naked as well. Sleep that way mostly. Just the other night the kids were gone, my wife and I were in bed. I wanted a drink so I got it in the nude. I thought it was glorious, but my wife just doesn't "get it." Anyway that is what she says. If she only knew that there are times I work in the basement nude, talking professionally on the phone.....


jim said...

I wonder if I move in with T, if his mother will like me walking around his house in the buff.

cum.lover said...

> Answering your question...I always sleep naked.

> When you & T spend the night together, do both of you sleep naked?

Buddy Bear said...

I'm sure you look just fine naked. I'll bet "T" isn't complaining.

When I'm completely alone in the house, I often walk around naked ... or more often wearing a t-shirt but naked on the bottom half.

During our freezing winters, I sleep all bundled up with track pants and sometimes a sweatshirt. In summer, I like to sleep naked. If I was in bed with a guy, I'd want both of us to be naked... for the best skin-to-skin cuddling.

Anonymous said...

never sleep with clothes unless my daughter is staying in the house. Even when I lived in Wisconsin, no clothes in bed. To me, It is actually warmer in bed without clothes.
And I am positive I don't look like the guy in the picture.