Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Love Songs

Last week T and I agreed that he would come to my house tonight and we would spend the evening together.  I had assumed I would make dinner for us, we would eat at home and then snuggle up to watch a movie.  There might even be a little ______  if we are both lucky.

Yesterday, I was out at the store and I asked him what he wanted me to make.  I figured I would pick up the ingredients while I was there.  He told me not to worry about it and we would go to the store together and buy, "whatever we like".  Spontaneous.  I like it.

He arrived at the house and, after a proper greeting (wink, wink), we headed out to the store.  He wanted some good bread and some lobster bisque, but after that we were really flying blind.  

We took his car and he was playing a CD with some old Vietnamese music.  He explained that songs were written and recorded when Vietnam had been in various states for war for decades.  I could not understand the words, but he explained they were sad songs that all reflected the war and it effects on people.  Then he started singing along.  T has a wonderful voice.  I have heard him sing before, but he does not sing for me often.  I love hearing him sing.  It made it better because I knew he was singing to me about love.  (On the other hand, he may also have been singing about sending me off to war.)

We got to the store, got the things we wanted, and headed back to my house.

I baked the bread nice and crispy the way he likes it.  I heated the lobster bisque and we sat at my table for a nice dinner.  I was happy beyond words.

When dinner was over we went up to my room snuggled under the covers and watched some TV.  As we were laying there, he dozed off.  I didn't notice he was asleep at first, until I noticed a change in his breathing.  Then, as he slept, he started singing the second song of the evening. 

I knew he would be leaving soon, but I would have given anything to extend that moment for the rest of our lives.  


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I need to learn enough Vietnamese to stumble along in a conversation. I feel like T has a hidden area of life that I can not join without language. This post guilted me :) (as T would say) Ron

T said...

You hit the point, Ron. However, it's not just the language. It's the culture, the memories. Don't try to understand it. It's both ways. The day Jim accepts the FACT that I'm always right will be the start of his many perfect days to come.

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