Monday, December 19, 2011

Wii Bowling

When Nintendo first came out with the Wii, K and I bought one.  It was out first game system for the kids and part of the reason we bought it, was we liked that it makes you move a little.

For the first year we had it, despite having bought a bunch of games the one that seemed to be played the most was "Wii Sports", the game that came in the box.  Later, "Wii Sports Resort" came out and that became the favorite.

With all the sub-games included in these 2 titles, the one I like the best was bowling.  I really like playing that game, and I like best when I play it with someone else.  Who wins and loses is not important to me, I just like playing.  There is a social interaction that I like.

At first, K used to play with me a lot.  Then our relationship got strained.  She worked at lot at night and found myself playing alone.  At first I thought it was OK.  I watched my cumulative points grow, but after a while it got boring.  Eventually I stopped playing.

This past weekend, I had all 4 kids staying at my house.  On Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I were playing Wii.  She like sword fighting and I have a good time playing with her.  We played for a while, she got distracted by something else and she told me I could play myself for a while.  I clicked on bowling.

It was kind of fun, but it reminded me why I don't like paying alone.

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