Thursday, February 23, 2012

Homeward Bound

My trip to the UK is nearly at an end.  Today is my last day in the office.  Tomorrow morning at 7:30 the car service will pick me up and take me the 90 minutes to Heathrow.  I will board a flight that leaves at 12:00 and lands 8 and half hours later in Dulles. I will then connect to Charlotte.  I am really excited to be home.  I simply cannot wait.

I checked my lights this morning.  The flight across the pond is jam packed, but I really don’t care.  I just want to go home.  I even checked to see if there were any over night flights that I could maybe hop onto this evening, but no luck.

On balance, I have had a good time here in the UK.  I love listening to these people talk.  I have lived in the south for almost 9 years and I have never picked up even a hint of a southern drawl.   In fact, I have actively resisted using southern phrases.  But I think if I stayed here for a year, I would pick up this accent very easily.  (They use “cheers” to mean almost anything.) 

My trip was a lonely one.  When K and the kids were living with me, I would really enjoy the quiet of a 2 or 3 day business trip.  Even though it was work, it was a great way to get away.  This trip was WAYYYYY too long.

Last night, I was still so tired after drinking so much the night before.  (Another good reminder that I am not 25 anymore)  I headed to bed to read about 9:30 and by  9;45, I was face down in my book, sleeping with the lights on. 

When I get home, it will be late afternoon in Charlotte, but in my head it will be nearly midnight.   I’m sure I will be tired, but I am not going to go home right away.  I am going to see T.  I know he will still be at work but I will sit in my car in the parking lot and wait for him.   Maybe I will even sleep a little while I wait.

After maybe I will convince him to take for a quiet, romantic dinner.  I know he will be tired from working, but I think I will be able to convince him.  Then we will go to his house.  He will talk to his mom for a while to be polite while I wait patiently.  Then we will go upstairs to his room.  He will immediately take a shower to wash off the day’s grime.  I will lay on his bed and wait for him.  When he comes out, he will set up the work he has to finish tonight.  I will scratch his back because a hot shower always makes him itchy. 

After a little while he will forget about his work and will lay back on his bed.  I will snuggle up with him, placing my head on his chest.  I will listen to the sound of his heartbeat while he gently strokes my hair or plays with my earring.  I will tell him about  my trip and he will tell me about his day.  It is just a perfect way to end my trip in my arms of the man I am so deeply in love with.

The only sad part is, I will have to leave to go home and will not get to spend the night in his arms.

Saturday, I will spend the rest of the weekend with my kids.  I don’t know what we will do exactly, but I can’t wait for that either.


T said...
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T said...

Of course, I would love to go to dinner with you. And, as usual, I will give in and let you choose the restaurant.