Monday, February 13, 2012

Travel Journal

As I was traveling this morning I had my Blackberry Playbook with me, as I usually do.  It was the perfect thing to jot down some notes en route.

I'm writing this just after 6:30 am and at about 20,000 feet.  I'm guessing I am flying over Virginia and out my window I am watching the most beautiful sunrise.  There is a deep red strip right above the  horizon.  The sky above is a light blue which darkens as you look up into the still dark sky.  When the sun broke the horizon, I snapped this picture.

I love seeing the sun rise.  I actually think sunrises are more beautiful than sunsets.  Maybe because it's the start of a new day rather than the end.  My long trip has barely begun and already I find myself wishing T was here with me to share the sunrise.


9:35 (EST) and according to the inflight map,I am flying 27,287 feet over Connecticut at 547 miles per hour. 

About an hour ago I met my boss.  He just got off a red-eye from San Francisco.  He was in a much better mood than I would have been.  We chatted for a few minutes and then they called our flight for boarding.  Boss and I are not sitting together, which is how both he and I like it.

On the plane, not only is there no one sitting next to me, there is no one in my row.  Even though I am in the shitty coach seats, I still have room to spread out some.  That and my full compliment of electronic devices will keep me happy for the flight.

I like flying.  There is something magical about how a machine so large can be held up by just air.    But that's not the coolest part.  I love looking out the window.  I always get a window seat.  Looking at the tops of clouds makes me happy.  As I look out the window now (passing over Maine and Canada), like this morning I am wishing T was here to share it with me.


With a lot of time on the plane to think, I have noticed that since coming out my gaydar is improving.  I saw lots of people in the airport today that I was pretty sure were gay.  Some of them were attractive.  Some were not.  I saw lots of Asian men, but none of them tripped the gaydar.  Maybe I am not so tuned in after all.


It's 2:17 at home, but it's much later here in the middle of the North Atlantic. According to the map, I am directly south of Iceland.  I'm not sure what time zone they are in, but it's night time here.  I think it is pretty cool that I have seen both the sunrise and the sunset from the air today.  Again, my thoughts then turn to T.  If he were here holding my hand as we took this adventure together, how wonderful would that be?  All that remain of the sun is a thin red strip, just above the horizon.  In front the. darkness of night.  I really don't like flying at night.  Not because I worry the pilots can't see, it's that I can't see.


Now I am in my hotel room in Cambridge and I'm trying to get ready for bed.  My body thinks it's about 8:00pm.  The clock on the wall here says it's almost 1:00am and I have to be up early.  

Also I wanted to talk to T before I go to bed.  I tried to cell him on Skype, but I think because a strange number came up, he didn't answer the phone.  :-(

Good night my love.  I will talk to you tomorrow.

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T said...

I'm glad you called me the second time. The first time, I was still with a patient. It was good hearing your voice. If tomorrow worked out, I'll have another PA, one step closer to our vacation...:D