Sunday, May 13, 2012

Divorced Daddy Day

Yes, I know today is Mother's day, but but I have a father story tonight.

Yesterday I was hanging around my house for the morning while the Dish Network guy came and installed a new dish on my roof.  I am finally upgrading to HD.  K had some errands to run and the  younger kids wanted to hang out at my house for the morning.  I was delighted to have them over.

They came over and, as usual, they asked to go to their friends house to play.  Of course I let them go since I want their visits to be enjoyable.  I was glad for the time I got to spend.

After a while they came back with their friend asking to go the a local park to play there.  They each had a Light Saber and they wanted to use the stuff at the playground as their Death Star.  What could be more fun than that?

So we end up at the playground, and it really is a cool one.  It's was build at the local YMCA and open to the whole community.  The kids had a blast.  Even thought I had other things to do, I really liked that they were having a good time.  While they played, I spent tome watching the other people there.  I not the other kids so much, but the adults.  There were a few moms that seemed to be there alone.  There were several men there too, but all of them seemed to be there with their wives.  As far as I could tell I was the only divorced dad at the park that day.

This was the not the first time I was at the park with the kids since my divorce.  But this was the first time I gave it much thought.  I remember taking my kids places and thinking that people might think I was a divorced dad.  At that time I wasn't and I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a rock solid marriage with K.  Today that is not the case.  

I don't think I was troubled exactly just because I am divorced,  I am more thinking about how things change.  I am thinking about how important it is that I keep a close relationship with my children.  I was glad I brought them there to play.

I am glad that they asked to come over to my house.  

I am glad I am still connected with my kids.

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Biki said...

All they want, and all they really need is love, love, love. You and K give them that in bucketfulls. They will grow up to be happy people, due to your love and care, and the fact they are not fought over like a chew toy.