Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Who Was That?

Last night I was getting my daughter ready for bed.  She had just gotten out of the shower and I was toweling her hair dry when the phone rang.  It was T.

Me: Hello?
T: I just wanted to call and tell you I love you.
Me:  I love you too.  Let me finish here and I'll call you back.
T: OK. Talk to you later.

After I hung up the phone, my daughter asked me who was calling.  I told her it was T.

"How come you told him 'I love you'?" she asked.
"Well, T is very special to me." I answered. (she is 7)
"I've heard a boy tell a girl 'I love you' or a girl tell a boy, but never a boy tell a boy." She continued.

Without getting into too much detail with her, I told her that sometimes boys like other boys and girls like other girls and that's OK.  She seemed to accept that answer and went on to the next thing,

Almost a year ago, K and I sat down the 3 boys and we told them I am gay and T is my boyfriend.  We did not tell my daughter because we figured she was too young.  But we always said if she asked questions we would tell her the truth.  

Today I did.


JustAMike said...

Some wise person once told me that "discrimination and hatred has to be taught" and he advised that I tell my kids I am gay as early as I could (in age-appropriate language and structure). I think he was right and I think your daughter helped to prove it.

I'm so glad for you (and T).

Not Alone said...

I like this so much!!!!! Great for you! And your daughter.

Nick, Fort Wayne said...

How Awesome, I can so relate, since coming out a couple years ago to my now 14 year old daughter (she love's to chat about boyfriends) - its so great to see so much acceptance these days & it starts just the way you got to share your love for T with your daughter & never more should it be an issue, your daughter will grow up with this as normal.

Leo Nut said...

Aw! So cute!!

tuls said...

*hugs* :)

Adult Sex Toys said...

yeah, you did the right thing here :) - you'll always be their father, no matter what happens, and they will always love you. xxx well done, brave fella!