Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happiness in His Arms

I have been thinking about the times lately when I am the happiest.  There is one time that sticks out in my mind.

It's the times I am with T.  We don't have to be doing anything cook or fun, just being with him fills my heart with happiness that I find difficult to describe.

This past weekend I went to see T.  After a dinner with his family, we went back to his house.  We headed straight up to his room and closed the door.  He took a quick shower and came out hearing these thin lounge pants that I bought him for Christmas the year before.  He looked so good, especially since he was free-balling and it showed.

I love just being with him.  I am so comfortable, so at ease and so safe.  I just can't think of any place I would rather be.

Spend most of the evening, laying between his leg with my head in his lap... sleeping.  I dozed off on him and he let me sleep almost 2 hours.  He could not have been that conformable with me laying on him, but he didn't complain and didn't disturb me, but let me sleep.  

I really love him.


I spend a lot of time alone... even when I am not alone.   I spend a lot of time at K's house.  I spend a lot of time with my kids.  Except when I am working, I have people I love around me a lot of the time.  Even these times I am lonely.  It's not because there are no people around.  It's because there is one specific person NOT around.

I know he is SWAMPED at work.  I know he is trying his hardest to be less swamped and is not having a lot of luck.  I know all that but I still find myself lonely a lot of the time.  

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JustAMike said...

Love is indeed splendid - I am so happy you have found it!!