Saturday, July 7, 2012

Really? Another one?

I have been missing blogging.  I just have not had time.  After several months of not that much to do at work, I have been swamped for the last month and will be for the the next month at least.  I want to write more often, I just need to make more time.

The big news lately... K is knocked up!!

I am not surprised.  Ever since our daughter was born, I have known K wanted another child.  At the time I told her no.  We had 4 and that was enough for me.  

When it became clear that we were not going to stay married, she considered having one on her own.  She held off because she met AJ and less than 6 months after getting married, she was knocked up.

Both her and AJ are pretty happy about the idea.  I was there when they told the kids and they were pretty happy too.  My youngest son was disappointed that K was not having a boy. 

I am pretty indifferent really.  Her having a baby or not is not really my concern.  It does not effect me that much, though T is certain I will be changing diapers for her.  I don't think I will.

The reason I am taking time to write about this, is about freedom.  My freedom not to be hamstrung by the nutty things that K like to do, usually without thinking about it.  She is very stressed all the time and frequently stressed out with the kids.  I am not sure how she will deal with another one.  Not only that, this kid will be born in January, just when she is due to start her final semester of nursing school.  The kid will be too young for daycare so she will have skip school.  Because of the structured program she is part of, she will probably have to wait until the following January to finish school, delaying her getting a job for a year.

Why didn't she wait 6 months and plan the birth for when she will be out of school?  Because that's the way she is.  I have always been frustrated by that, but not anymore.  It's not my problem anymore and I really could not be happier about it.

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