Friday, September 3, 2010


I spend a lot of time by myself.

I don't prefer that, it just works out that way a lot. I should point out that by "by myself" I mean without other adults. I have lots of kid time.

 Take tonight for example. After I got home from work, K was already gone to her evening job. She is a high school sports coach and her team had practice tonight. She got home around 7:00, showered, changed and headed to AJ's house for the evening. I was left alone with the kids. I lit a camp fire (the one in the picture was tonight's), smoked a cigar and typed out this blog entry on my Blackberry. ( I may be the only gay guy without an iPhone.) I did it alone. 

My youner kids have gone to bed and the older ones are watching some horror movie on the Wii/Netflix. T is up to his ass in paperwork and visiting relatives and I have no other friends so I am alone.

 Sometimes I enjoy the solidude. I have a job where I talk to people all the time. I frequently go to lunch alone just so I can have some quiet time. Sometimes I get lost in the internet or the blog-o-shpere and I don't want to be bothered my anyone.

 Other times I crave adult contact (no, not sex). Just having another person to talk to and be with is nice. I like to tell stories. I like to debate politics. I like to listen to the stories of others.

Several weeks ago I was at T's house and we had a campfire and were joined by his 2 sisters. They all work together so a lot of their conversation was about that. I did not say much, but I enjoied listening to the stories. (Also, the dynamic between them is interesting to watch)

Tonight was one of the times I wanted to be around people.

No dice.

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