Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

T called me after he was done at work.  He had a much busier day than normal and was still seeing patients well after closing time.

I was happy to hear from him but we could only talk for few minutes.  I was in the middle of feeding the kids dinner.  I could tell he was disappointed when I had to go.  I told him I would talk to him later in the evening.  Then, almost as an after thought, I told him, "You never know.  I might show up at your door tonight."

"You won't." he replied with some certainty.  It would be very unusual for me to visit him on a week day and even more unusual for me to do it while K is in her coaching season.  To make it even more unlikely, he lives just over an hour away.

It was at that moment I decided I was going.

I send K a message that she should come directly home from her game because I wanted to go out.  Around 8:30 I left my house, listening to a podcast of "Hardball with Chris Mathews" on my BlackBerry.

En route, I called my parent who have been on vacation for almost 2 months now.  It was a nice chat and they are still having a good time.

When I got to T's house, I parked on the street in front of his house and turned off my lights.  

I texted him.  "Want to talk?"  

He replied, "Call me."

"No.  Come outside" I responded as I moved my car into his driveway.  I saw him looking out his bedroom window where he was doing work he brought home from the office.

To make a long story short, he was happy to see me (and did NOT have an banana in his pocket).  I was really glad to see him.  For about 30 min I sat on the floor in his bedroom and watched as he did his paperwork.  I sometimes pretended that I lived there and this was our normal routine.  The funny thing is ... it really did feel normal.

On the drive home, my head was sleepy and my heart happy.

I had to write this before going to bed.

I love you T!!  Thank-you for sticking with me all this time. 


Cubby said...

Aww, that's romantic. And that banana is HOT!

jim said...

I would tell you about it, but my mother sometimes reads the blog.

Stephen Chapman... said...

The banana is important - you should get your five-a-day!