Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Today my dad would have turned 68.  This is him standing on the beach on Frenchman's Bay in Bar Harbor, Maine at sunset.  One of his favorite places.

Today there will be calling hours at the funeral home near my mom's house.  Unfortunately, I can't can be there.  My I had to come back to North Carolina for work.  The funeral mass will be in 2 week in the northern town where he grew up.  Me and kids will go up for that.

I got a comment yesterday from "D" who asked how to you accept the fact that your parents won't be around forever.  I'm not sure you do.

I said before that my dad was sick for a long time.  Intellectually we all knew he would not make it to his 90's.  His father lived to be 96.  I am not sure how often he was in the hospital, it was a lot over the years, but each time he would bounce back and go home.  Each time, I knew the doctors would work their magic and he would go home.  Maybe not a strong as he was before, but he would go home.

Even as I drove home last Sunday, I really did not think that things were as bad as they were.  I thought I would see him for a few days and then both he and I would go home.  It was not until I was faced with the reality of his situation that I started to realize he may not come home the hospital.

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