Friday, July 31, 2009

Long Weekend "Alone"

I will be home "alone" for the weekend. K is going to visit her friend "D" whom I wrote about earlier. He lives about a 1000 miles away. The trip has been planned for a while and she really deserves the break. I put "alone" in quotes because I will be home alone with the kids for the long weekend. I love my kids and they mean everything to me, but I doubt I would cut it as a single parent for more then a couple of days.

Last year not long after I came bursting out of the closet, K thought she might be able to find her happiness with D and she visited him at his home. I won't give any details but the visit did not go as well as she had hoped. At the same time I was facing the prospect of being without my best friend and that scared me.

When she got back we decided we would attempt to stay married and I would essentially put myself back in the closet. "T" told me I was scared of losing my family and was in denial. Of course, he was right. It worked for about 2 weeks.

So this morning (it's just after midnight now) she will fly away to see him. She tells me they have decided to have a nice visit with no expectation, no pressure and see what happens.

D is not a bad guy. K likes him a lot and I trust her judgement. I really don't know him that well, but what I do know is that he genuinely loves her and is "in love" with her. A large part of me would rather see her with a guy who I know really loves her, than see her on the dating scene meeting Mr. Who Knows.

I really hope she has a good time on her trip. If nothing else she really deserves a few days where she does not have to be someone's mother or someone's wife. She can just be K and that may do her a lot of good.

For myself, T will be visiting me and the kids on Sunday and I am really looking forward to that. I also have a few blogs I have been reading to catch up on.

Good night for now.

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