Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dinner and More

Last night I went to T's house again.  That's 2 days in a row!!!  I will talk about the significance of that in a minute. 

A month or so ago I wrote about a dinner I had at his house and they had a soup that I really liked.  I used this picture which is Pho, but the soup I had was something else.

Last night I did have Pho.  And it was yummy.  T's mom made everything and there was even fresh Vietnamese basil that she grew in her garden.  They served me a huge bowl and I when it was gone I was stuffed.

This is where is gets good.

T's parents are not entirely comfortable with me dating T.  It's not me personally, it's really that they are not comfortable with their son having a boyfriend.  Everyone at his house has always been polite and nice to me, but I could tell there was discomfort.  T would sometimes get push back if he saw me too much, more than once a week.

Gradually over the two and a half years we have been seeing each other, his parents have become more comfortable with me.  This week was a significant milestone, at least in my mind.

Thursday, I drove down to his house and stayed a couple house.  I could not stay too late since both of us had to work in the morning and I have a hour drive.  We snuggled on the couch in his family room where he forced me to watch Project Runway (I am not gay enough to enjoy that yet.).  In truth I did not care what we watched I just liked being with him.

As I was leaving for the night I noticed a gigantic squash on the kitchen counter.  I asked about and made a comment.  T's mom talked to me about it.  T had to translate most of it, but the point is she was talking to me.  She invited me back the next day for dinner.

Yesterday, (Friday) I went back.  When I arrived dinner was ready and it looked like everyone was waiting for me.  Again I was made to feel welcome with his dad offering me a glass of wine.  His mom made a point of telling me, in English, that it was a spice from her country that she grew in her garden.  It was the most she had said to me at one time ever. Progress!!

After dinner we hung out in his bedroom.  He had worked on he brought home to finish but it was nice being there with him.  Sometimes I closed my eyes and pretended that it was our house and our room.

Sadly I had to go home, but it was a good night.

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fan of casey said...

Jim: Me being asian myself, I can tell you that if they are warming up to you, that's a good sign. Asians tend to more reserved to begin with, so you're not going to get a lot of direct feedback (they save that for family members), especially with non-asians but if you are getting dinner invites, that's a honor, so your instincts are right on. If you can, you should try to host a dinner party for T's parents. Doesn't have to be at home, it can be at a restaurant.