Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update, More Progress, and Role Models

Here is the update.

On Thursday I was able to obtain tickets for the NASCAR race that K wanted to go to.  The company I work for gets comp tickets for lots of events and I was able to get a pair.  She is happy I got the tickets and I am happy I did not have to compromise and pay for them.  Win / win all around.

K was pretty excited when I told her, but that excitement evaporated when she talked to AJ and he could not go with her.  She checked with several of her friends and struck out each time.  She did not ask me if I could go because she knew I had plans with T that evening.

In the end, she went to the race with the our oldest son.  He had a really good time, and she was OK.  I think she would have liked it better if an adult with with her.

In the mean time, T and I went out.  The past few times we have been together, it has either been at his house or my house.  Last night we went out for a little alone time.

We ate at a Malaysian place.  We had been there before, but not in a long time.  I am not going to post the menu every time we eat, but dinner was so good, I wanted to share.

The place was busy but the bar was mostly empty so we sat there.  I thought it was especially nice because, I could sit next to him rather than across.  To make it better, there was a mirror behind the bar and I could see him in it.  :-)

I could also see the front door right behind me.  While were were eating I saw these two guys walk in.  One was white and the other looked middle eastern.  My gaydar immediately started to ping.  There were still no tables and I guess they did not want to wait either so they took seats at the other end of the L-shaped bar. I whispered to T that I thought they might be together.

He told me "of course" they are together.  They were a white guy and a non-white guy together so they must be gay.  (I think he may be joking about that, but my gaydar usually confirms the theory)

I did not mean to but I found myself looking over at them a lot.  T mentioned that he noticed after we left.  I have written about it before that I am fascinated by gay couples.  I know I kept looking over there, but I was not looking at either of them individually, I was looking at them as a couple.  I was looking, first, for signs they were in fact a couple. (I did not find any overt signs).  Then I was looking at how they interacted with each other.  I could tell they were friendly, not too friendly, but I could tell they were leaning in to each other more than straight guys usually to.

Even though I am in a gay relationship, I am still fascinated with them in others.  I guess it's because all my role models for relationships have been heterosexual.  While I am very comfortable being with T and comfortable with our relationship and where it is heading (for the most part), I really am just making this up as I go along.  I guess in a way, our relationship is more pure this way.  We don't have a lot of baggage about what it should be.  We are finding our own way.  That said, I still wish we hand another gay couple or 2 to hang out with.  Someday maybe.

Well, anyway, we had a nice time just being together.

I got home just before midnight and all the kid were asleep.  K and oldest son got home about 12:30. He when straight to bed.  K and I talked for a little while, and then we went to bed.  I was up to late, but I went to sleep happy.

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