Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last Night.... Moving Along

Last night was a first for me.  Both AJ and T were at the house ... at the same time.  I was eager to see how it would go to have my boyfriend and K's boyfriend at the house at the same time.

I have said before my dream of how all this mess ends is a vision of Thanksgiving dinner with K and her husband, me and my partner (T) along with my kids, their respective families.  I was a step closer to that last night.

I spent most of the day preparing.  We (K, the kids and me) spend the morning cleaning the house.  I then got supplies at the store and then spent the rest of the afternoon cooking.  I made the same corn chowder that T refers to as "Onion Soup", only this time I made it with about the half the onions.   I also made a chicken chili and corn bread.

I bought bread to go with the soup, sourdough and crusty French.  I know that T really likes bread that is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.  I also made some chicken chili.  That was a new recipe and while it was OK, I doubt I would make it again.  T showed up with an ice cream cake that generated smiles from the kids (and me).

We did not all eat together, K was not hungry and AJ ate while T and I ran to store for a forgotten item.  T and I ate when we get back.  K and AJ sat with us and we chatted some.  After dinner I lit a fire in the backyard and we all sat around it talking.  AJ, it turns out was a talker.  T did not have a lot to say and I thought he was bored.  He later assured me he was not. 

It was not the vision of the future, but it was really good.  There was no awkwardness and I don't think anyone felt uncomfortable.  I was really happy about it.

T works on Saturdays so I knew he was tired, so I was not surprised when he told be he had to leave early.  I would have preferred he stay longer, but I understood.  

It was a really good night.  

Another part of my dream came true.

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