Saturday, October 9, 2010

You Don't Know...

K has been a flurry of activity since the middle of August when both her sports season and her classes started at the same time. Add that to her full time job at the church and her responsibilities with the kids, she has a lot she has to do.  Then are the things she wants to do.  She has not ridden her horse in some time and she is falling in love with AJ and would love to see him more.

With all this going on, she is pretty stressed out.

Tonight we are planning to have AJ & T over for dinner. She looked around the house and it was not up to her cleanliness standards so we started working early.  As he worked she got more and more stressed and I asked her to relax a little. 

"No!  I don't think you understand how stressed I am!" she said.

"Of course I do.  You always say that and I always understand."

"No! You don't."  She always says that too, but this time she also said, "You don't know because we don't talk."

Whoa!!  That took me by surprise.  I mean, I knew we had not had a lot of deep talks lately but with all her stuff going on and my my work, I thought it was just that.  Last week I made a point to take her out to lunch.  It was nice and we talked some, but not about anything that was bothering her.

I was unable to get her to tell me what was on her mind.  All she would say was something like she needed to figure out some things out on her own.  What the hell does THAT mean?  Of course I start thinking the worst, but nothing else in her actions, tone, or attitude suggest anything is going on that is serious.  

I am probably reading too much into it.  I probably just need to relax.  I should just be there for her if she needs me and leave her alone if she doesn't.  Sounds simple, but for so many years I was the one she came to when she had any kind of problem.  I guess that was bound to change as that role changes from me to AJ.

Once more thing to get used to.

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