Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Might Be Gay

I sat in an all day meeting for work today.  Something happened during this meeting that made me wonder why I ever thought I could  pull off pretending to be straight. One of the presenters for the session was a guy I had seen around the office. I have also seen him at the YMCA where I work out. He is, maybe, a little younger than me and is really good shape.

When I see a 
good looking man I always look at several things.  His face.  Good looking facial features are nice. His butt. Yes, I am a butt man.  His (gasp) crotch. You never know when you will see something nice. Today, I did.

I sat in the second row and presenter guy stood right in front of me a lot. He paced some too. I'm not sure if he was wearing underwear, and I am sure he was circumcised. Just below his fly, to the right, was the clear outline of the head of his ...  Well, you know.

I could not stop looking at it. After about 15 min of trying not to look like I was looking at this guys manhood, while I was looking at his manhood it hit me. I am so gay.

I mean really.  What was I thinking all those years of denial. I think straight guys might check out other guys in the locker room, but I doubt they stare like I was. Since I have been staring a other guys like this for years, how did I ever get as deep in denial as I was. 


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Years of fear has trained me not to look. I actually find my glare avoiding hot guys. Now it works to my detriment.

Bear Me Out said...

And all those years we looked, and were ashamed that we looked.

Now you can just enjoy it. Fun, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Your story is so my story ...

T said...

Did you classify yourself as "bi-curious" all those years? ... LOL.
Sorry, Jim...I couldn't help it... :)

manxxman said...

Well Joe, actually I was never ashamed that I looked.....I'm only ashamed that it took me so damn long to accept.