Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane ...

This week has been hell.  I am taking Thursday and Friday off from work.  Now just because I have a 3 day work week, does not mean I have a 3 day work load. I still have a crap load of things I have to get done before I can leave the office tomorrow.  I have been bringing work home every night, in addition to shuttling the kids to activities.  I have not packed anything.  I am not even sure that all the clothes I need will be clean.  Hell I am not even sure what the weather is going to be like in Internet City this weekend.

K have been pretty good this week.  A little but of grumbling, but not too bad.  I think she is hoping I find some happiness pretty soon.  Maybe she figures that if I can get my shit straight (no pun intended) then I can get the hell out of her hair.

The other night we (me and K) did talk about my trip.  Once, she was younger, she took a trip to Internet City (Back before Al Gore invented the Internet) and we talked about some of the places she thought were cool.  

Expect for about 10 min on Monday morning I have not really talked to Internet Guy.  He has his own activities and kids to deal with too. So he understand where we are coming from.  Even so, I would prefer to have a little more time to chat.  Oh well.  

I do not really know the plan for this trip.  IG has been keeping that pretty close to the vest for now.

Here is what we know.  I will be arriving mid-morning.  He will meet me at the airport, we will pick up a rental car and head to a major National Park, with the plan to be there before sunset.  I really want to get some sunset pictures.  

After that, I am not sure what the plan is.  We have decided not to book hotels in advance and just see where we end up.  I can get to hotels.com on my Blackberry, so we should be in good shape.

It's an adventure.

Boy is it.  Every part of this is an adventure for me.  I am not the type that plans every detail of everything, but have never been that far from home without at least knowing where I was going to sleep that night.  

I am ready for an adventure.  If I am very lucky, it will begin the adventure of a lifetime!!

Wheels up in just under 30 hours.

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manxxman said...

I realize you don't want to get your expectations up to high.........but what the hell, you're finally living the life that God (yes God) intended you to so be hopeful, very hopeful and all of us readers will be also.