Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taking Some Time For Family

I am taking time for some family activities.  My parents are here visiting.  They live far away and used to visit 2 or 3 times a year, but since my dad has gotten sick, they have not been here in a couple of years.  The kids are super excited they are here and I am too.  K is doing OK with the visit, but it is kind of a reminder to her that her own family sucks so bad.

I had breakfast with my mom this morning and filled her in on the goings in my life.  She sometimes reads this blog, but she told me that she has not been reading it.  I told her about how T was cheating on me with a Mexican porn star so I had to dump him.  (just kidding)  I told her how T and I broke up and how we are starting to build a friendship.  I told her about Internet Guy and how I am going to visiting him at the end of the month.  I told her about the farm property that we are looking at and the debate in my head if I should move with K or stay in this house and get a roommate.

Of course she is concerned about me and wants me, the kids and K to be happy.

I am taking a couple of days off from work to hang out with my parents and my kids.  K is mostly doing her own thing.  She is not excluded, and I include her in everything, but there are some other things she wants to do.  I am not pushing her to do anything.  All I am doing is letting her know she is welcome if she wants to join in.

T- 21 days and counting on my trip to Internet City.

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