Sunday, July 18, 2010

Falling Asleep

I went out with T tonight.    The original plan was that he and I would go out to dinner, and then see a movie.  I don't care for movies in the theater that much, but he like it and I like to do thing he likes.

This afternoon he asks if I want to have dinner with him and his family.  For today, that meant, T, his parent, 2 sister, 1 brother, one niece and a nephew.  I agreed.  Then I was thinking that it might be better to just sit by his fire pit.  I would make a fire and we could sit and talk together for the evening.  He agreed.

I arrived at his house just in time.  His family was loading into cars to go out for dinner.  T got in my car and off we went.  Dinner was nice, except I ate too much.  His parents, mostly him mom, seemed to be comfortable with me there.  His mom is OK that T is gay, but is not thrilled about him dating men.  

After dinner we returned to his house, I built a fire and he brought a couple of chairs.  We sat and enjoyed the fire and each others company.  We held hands.  It was cloudy so we could not see the stars, but we could hear crickets and frogs from the small pond his house backs up to.  

We did not talk very much, but it was OK.  I think we both felt so good just being there together, it was nice to just enjoy the sounds of nature and the crackling fire.  It was so nice, and so relaxing, that I fell asleep in my chair, holding his hand.  I think I slept for about 20 minutes, when I was awakened by a text message my phone received.  Actually I did not hear the phone, it was T that poked me and woke me up.

It was part of the dream I have in my head for us.  in my dream though, after the fire goes out, we go up to our bed and I fall asleep holding him.  Tonight, I drove home and wrote a blog. 

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