Monday, July 26, 2010

Separate Checks

The other day I wrote about T and I going out to eat and the hostess referring to us as a "couple". That was noteworthy because it had not happened before. Then I got to thinking about it a little more.

About once a week I go out to lunch with my former boss. He hired me into the company and I worked for him for 5 years before being promoted into my current role.  In my old job I traveled quite a bit and on about 30% of those trips the boss would come with me. We did not share a hotel room, but we shared rental cars, had meals together and such.  

He is a straight guy about my age and while he is not unattractive, I was never attracted to him at all. I still am not.

Anyway, the point of the story is, no matter where we eat lunch, we are always asked if we want separate checks, if they don't come already separated.

When T and I go out, occasionally we are asked, but generally we get one check without anyone asking. Do we just look like we are in love?  Can even the casual observer tell? 

K told me a long time ago that she could tell I had feelings for T by the way I looked at him. I expect she should be able to see that since she knows me so well.  Apparently I am transparent to everyone as well. 


Cubby said...

Want me to come observe you two casually and tell you if the casual observer would know you're a couple? I can observe you rougher if you'd like ;-)

I think that people around us notice little things that we do not. Knowing glances, lingering stares, paying closer attention to what your partner is saying than you would to a business associate. Things like that. Like the guys in the pic.

manxxman said...

Well I can tell from this blog that you're gay......does that count.