Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Meeting the Boyfriend

It looks like I am not going to be meeting with the boyfriend after all.  Apparently he is more uncomfortable with me that I thought.   K is a little annoyed by it because she does not understand what is issue really is.  He did not really say, and she did not want to get into that kind of a conversation with him over the phone.

They are going out tonight and she is going to talk to him about it and see.  She want to make sure that this is something that he will be able to overcome.  Now, he does not have to overcome it now.  I don't have any desire to push him and he can take his time, but he will have to over come it.

The problem for K is that if he cannot become comfortable with me and the relationship that we have, it might be a show stopper for her.  And that is a problem for her since she is really getting attached to him.  She not used the "L" word yet, but I think she is close.  If he were to go away, she would be very hurt.  Not to mention that I credit him with her much improved mood over the past several months.

There is another thing.

AJ's daughter is away for the week.  She comes back on Sunday.  He has been asking her to spend the night with him.  She is still not sure if she is comfortable doing that.  I was thinking about what head means to me.  Well nothing directly, but I would have loved to be spending the night with T.  I was thinking about the amount of crap I would have taken6 months ago if I wanted stay out all night.  It would have been ugly.

I think that now, it would be different.  I think that I could get away with that now if I wanted to. Yes, I want to, I just have not had the opportunity.  

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