Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Between

I spent the evening with K's family.  We drove to the rental house as a family and when we got there is was all very normal.  K's parents & sister know I am gay and that we are splitting up.  When ever I am there is act normally and so do they.  In some ways it's a little weird because no one talks about the elephant in the room, (and it's a lavender one at that.)  Tonight started out the same way but changed.

AJ is out of town this weekend, but will return on Monday.  At some point during the week he is going to play golf with K's father.  K's parents know about the nature of K's relationship with him and I think they were uncomfortable at first, but now they are accepting because they want her to be happy.

Anyway, so tonight was the first time that we talked about AJ and the things that K and him have done together over the past few months.  I did not notice it at first because we talk about that stuff all the time, but as the even went on, I realized that they were talking about AJ like he was part of the family.  Not that they were slighting me, not at all.  I guess this is another sign that things are moving on.  That things are changing.  The more they change, the more they will get out of my control.  That will make me uneasy for a time, but it should pass as long as nothing terrible happens.

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