Thursday, August 5, 2010

Over the Falls ... Sort Of

This has been an eye opening week.

Earlier in the week I was annoyed about something K had said and when I confronted her with it she came unglued about a host of other things.  I was taken completely off guard.  I was concerned that maybe the good place I thought I was in is not so good after all.  

I went to bed, but had trouble sleeping.  Partly because of the argument partly because of a nagging cough that I have picked up.  The next morning I left for work before K got up, still feeling troubled.  I sent her a text message saying I was sorry that we fought and I was not scared that we might be sliding.  That our best friend status might slowly morph into bitter loathing.  My worse nightmare.  I also told her I knew we could not have the discussion over text message.

She did reply and I found you that the venting was really about something else.  Even thought she is falling for AJ, she is still having a hard time watching my relationship with T grow.  She did acknowledge that it could be difficult for me to watch her develop feelings for AJ (it is, but not in the way she thinks).  She said she wants us to talk about it, but she was not ready just yet.  I told I would give her time.

Oddly enough, this made me feel better.  I think it was because the stuff she was complain about the night before were so insane, I knew there had to be something else going on.  Now at least it made sense.  It showed there is still a ways to go, but at least it was rational.

Yesterday, T came to see me unexpectedly at my house.  I mean, he called first, but I was not expecting him until he called.  K was working so I was home with the kids and could not really leave.  I was good to see him and the kids were glad too.  My daughter was playing Wii and roped him into playing Wii Sports Resort with him.  He was a really good port about it and she had a really good time.  After that we took the kids out for ice cream at a local place that makes their own hard ice cream.  

He did not stay long, but long enough for me to....  well ....  long enough.  

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