Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thank God and Greyhound Their Gone.

I borrowed the words from Roy Clark's song, but I feel the same way.  Well,  they drove themselves, but K's family is gone and I am sooo happy.  I have said it before, they are pelnty nice to me and this week was not exception, but there were not really nice to K and that's what pisses me off.

I would be so much better if I could just lock them in a room and let them fight to the death to work it all out.  For now I will settle for just gone.


I saw AJ on 2 separate occasions this weekend and both times we talked a little.  Nothing deep but enough so I could tell he was comfortable around me.

On Friday, I was at the barn where K keeps her horse.  My kids were there, my in-laws and the 3 cousins.  It was OK as they all took turns riding the horse and there was plenty of room at the farm for other kids to run around.  (and no one ran into the electric fence).  But then AJ and his daughter showed up.  He met K's family and took a place on the fence next to me.  We chatted a little.  Talked about work, cell phones (Blackberry vs. Android).  It was not a lot, but it was a start.  I was really impressed with it.

The next morning He stopped over my house to pick something up.  He was not here long, about 10 min but in that time we chatted some more.  This time it was about how crazy K's family is.  I told him I could tell him the stores but it was the kind thing you had to tell over a few beers and a camp fire.  AJ does not drink but he said he would smoke a cigar with me.  I thought that was pretty cool.

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I think it's pretty cool, too.