Friday, August 27, 2010

A Nice Surprise

I was planning to stay home tonight.  K was going out with AJ and T has family visiting from out of town at his house.

But, K wanted to get AJ's daughter out of the house so they can go back to there and ... have some private time ... so she offered to get her to babysit our younger kids.  

Later this afternoon I sent a text to T to see if I showed up at his office if he would have dinner with me.

He did.

I met him there.  We had only enough time for a quickie.  It was quick but intense.  We could not stay long because I was invited to his house for dinner.  His family was waiting for us.

This was a double surprise.  T lives with his elderly parents and they are not entirely comfortable with me being with their son.  With company over I have not always been welcome.  But not today.  I sat at the table with their company and had dinner.  With the exception of a lot of Vietnamese being spoken, I was very comfortable and everyone else seemed comfortable too.  I was very happy.  

It was a really good evening.

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